Double Dutch Family Fun Pack

Double Dutch Family Fun Pack

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Our Family Fun Pack is an alcohol free gift box which has been designed to provide entertainment for all ages.

Product Descriptions 

Double Dutch - 10 bottles of Double Dutch so you never have to drink dull. 
Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon (200ml)
Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil (200ml)
Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger Tonic (200ml)
Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water (200ml)
Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water (200ml)
Double Dutch Double Lemon (200ml)
Double Dutch Rhubarb & Pineneedle (200ml)
Double Dutch Ginger Beer (200ml)
Double Dutch Ginger Ale (200ml)
Double Dutch Soda Water (200ml)


Board games:

Dobble - A speedy observation game known to keep families and friends entertained for hours.

Cobra Paw - Test your ninja-like reflexes in the new game from Bananagrams. 


Grow your own Cucamelon - 'Grow your own' experts from Sow Seeds have created amazing packs which allow you to grow your very own cucamelon from scratch. Cucamelons are a unique little fruit, the size of a gherkin that taste like a combination of cucumber, lime and watermelon. A super fun project for the whole family to be involved in! 


Your Family Fun Pack will also include Double Dutch recipe cards where we show you how to make a Cucumber & Watermelon ice cream along with some of our favourite mocktails and more!